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   Tor  Johnson  was one of the only 2 actors to play a Monster without any makeup at all. The other actor is Rondo Hatton (The Creeper).  Tor started as a wrestler and went by the name of "THE SWEDISH ANGEL". But we all know and love him from his films by Ed Wood. Ed loved to use him and Tor Johnson starred in the worst movie (or best depending on how you look at it) PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. We also know him from the classic mask made by Don Post , but I found this very interesting as the Don Post mask is tamed down compared to what the man really looked like. Look at this cast and see how scary the man really was.
Tor Johnson Life Mask
Tor Johnson Life Mask

    The mask is cast in Ultra-Cal casting cement, the hardest USG product available.
    This mask is finished in Silver Screen Silver then rubbed with an antiquing overlay to bring out the detail.  It is then sealed to protect it. This is a full scale 1 to 1 cast. The mask comes with the hardware for hanging.
    Add this piece of Hollywood memorabilia to YOUR collection. Great for a Home Theater Room.

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